How to Clean a Sony Vaio Laptop

Updated April 17, 2017

The Sony Vaio laptop is one of the easier laptops to clean. Because the keys are spaced to reduce the gaps, they don't seem to attract as much dirt and crumbs as other computers. Still, to give it a thorough cleaning will take at least 15 minutes. Before you start, unplug the laptop, turn it off and place it in a clean area where there is not a lot of static electricity.

Sit the laptop on an old towel. Open the lid and gently tip it on its side. Tap on the bottom of the keyboard to dislodge any loose debris. It will fall onto the towel. Shake the towel over the dustbin. Then replace it under the laptop, putting the computer back on its base.

Decide whether you'd like to remove the keys from the keyboard or simply clean around them. If you remove them, you might have a hard time putting them back. If you'd like to try anyway, pry them up gently with a butter knife. Make sure to lift off only the key cover (the part with the letter or symbol on it) and don't remove the large keys, such as enter and backspace.

Clean between the keys if they're still on the board using the can of compressed air. Hold the can upright about 3 inches from the keyboard and spray in between each key. Make sure you don't aim the air so the debris blows back in your face. If you removed the keys, fill a mixing bowl with four cups of lukewarm water and add a half teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Then scrub them with your cotton cloth and wipe them dry with a second cloth.

Use the compressed air to clean the I/O ports and cooling vents on the back and sides of the machine. Again, keep the air can at least 3 inches away and upright.

Pour a half cup of rubbing alcohol and a half cup of lukewarm water into a shallow dish and dip a microfiber cloth in it. Wring it out and then use it to wipe the entire laptop: screen, lid, keys or area underneath where they were, base, front, sides and back.

Dry the computer with one more microfiber cloth or let it air dry. The alcohol should evaporate quickly. Put the keys back on if you removed them.


Take a picture of the keyboard before you remove the keys, if you do so. It is hard to remember where everything goes. You can use a cotton T-shirt as a cotton cloth. Microfiber cloths are sold at electronics and auto-parts stores.


Never power the laptop up while it still is wet.

Things You'll Need

  • Old towel
  • Dustbin
  • Cotton swabs
  • Can of compressed air
  • Cotton cloths
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Butter knife
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