How to Remove the Keys on a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

computer keyboard image by Tom Curtis from

The keys on most types of flat keyboards are removed by simply prying them off with a screwdriver or short blade. Microsoft's "Ergonomic Keyboard" design has the keys installed on a curved key bed to encourage a more natural, comfortable typing position.

However, the way the curved key bed is made means the keys can't simply be popped off with a screwdriver like most keyboards. Instead, the whole key bed has to be removed.

Unplug the keyboard from your computer.

Pry out the wrist rests with your fingers.

Remove the screws hidden by the wrist rests.

Wedge the tip of the flathead screwdriver under the centre of the space bar and press down on the other end to pry the space bar off of its mounts.

Unscrew the screws hidden under the space bar.

Gently pry the key bed assembly from its mounts.