How to Create Birthday Party Invitations

Updated April 17, 2017

Start the birthday celebration by sending festive and themed birthday party invitations. Kids, young and old, enjoy gathering with friends and family to celebrate their birthdays. Designing and creating your own birthday party invitations allows you to personalise the invitations. Plus, it saves a few dollars with an easy, do-it-yourself craft. Many of the supplies are in your arts and crafts bin. Spend a fun afternoon with the birthday kid creating birthday party invitations.

Choose a theme and plan basic information. Select a theme both age and gender appropriate. Decide on a location, date, time and entertainment for the birthday party. Knowing the theme is helpful in deciding some of this information. For example, if your theme is Under the Sea or pirates for an older crowd, consider a party by the lake, on a boat or at the local aquarium. For girls, a tea party is a popular theme. Consider hosting the party at brunch time or midafternoon.

Plan invitation wording. Write creative wording to play off the party's theme. Experiment with different lines until you find the one that's just right. Following the Under-the-Sea theme, try something like, "Dive right in and join us for a party." For a tea party, consider the following: "Put on your prettiest dress and join us for a cup of tea." Incorporate the guest of honor's name somewhere near the top so guests know who the celebration is for.

Purchase materials to create the birthday party invitations. Create a plan for your invitations. Pick the type of paper to use such as card stock or speciality paper with a design. Decide on a colour scheme to match the theme. Think about embellishments for the birthday party invitations. Consider fish, boats or anchors for Under the Sea. For tea party invitations, consider making a stencil of a tea cup and tracing it onto different colours of card stock. Glue this to the front of the invitation and decorate the tea cup with jewels, glitter and other designs.

Draw a picture for the birthday party invitations. Scan examples of printed birthday invitations on the Internet or in magazines for ideas. Consider taking a digital photograph to use for your birthday party design. Create an invitation on the computer. Select fonts and graphics to match your birthday party theme. Print one birthday party invitation to ensure the margins and text are properly aligned. Correct any layout mistakes. Check for spelling and grammatical errors and correct. Print the remaining birthday party invitations.

Design an electronic invitation (see Resources). Find an online website to design and send free online invitations. This type of invitation saves money and time. Choose a design matching your theme or upload a digital picture. Supply the party details and send. Guests respond to the electronic invitation online, and the party host can update guests regarding changes to the birthday party.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen and paper
  • Card stock or speciality paper
  • Embellishments and stencils
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Jewels, glitter, gems
  • Markers
  • Digital camera
  • Computer with Internet connection and printer
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