How to make a first communion veil

If you have a First Communion event coming up and you are thinking about important details such as a First Communion veil, there are ways to trim expenses and make some of these items yourself, if desired. Here, you will learn how easy it is to make a First Communion veil. After you see how this veil is made, you will be less likely to want to pay the exorbitant sums they charge for ready-made First Communion veils. Make a pretty one for your little girl and save money in the process!

Purchase a tiara that has the combs necessary for placing the tiara onto the head already attached to its sides.

Fold the tulle in half lengthwise. Hand sew a line of gathering stitches approximately one inch from the folded edge. Do not pull them to gather yet.

Line up the ribbon along the raw edges of the tulle. Half of the ribbon will go on the top of the tulle and you will pull the other half under to the back of the tulle. Work on small areas at a time and secure the ribbon to the tulle with straight pins as you go.

Place the press cloth on top of the pinned tulle and carefully press the pinned ribbon with the iron to create a nice, sharp ribbon edge.

Place the pinned ribbon edge into the sewing machine and carefully sew the ribbon to the tulle. Stop and remove each pin as you go and do not sew over the pins.

Position the press cloth over the ribbon edge again and carefully press the ribboned edge again after sewing.

Pull the gathered edge of the tulle so that it will fit around the back of the tiara. Hold the tulle up to the tiara so that you know how much to pull the gathers to make it the right size. Tie a knot in the thread to secure the gathers and then trim the thread.

Hand stitch the gathered edge of the tulle to the back of the tiara. Place the folded edge of the tulle along the inside of the tiara and centre the tulle on the tiara. Use a whip stitch to evenly sew the tulle to the tiara. Make sure your stitches are small but secure. Sew along the edge and then sew back again to make sure it is securely attached.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 yard white tulle
  • 1/2-inch wide white satin ribbon (enough to go around the edge of the tulle)
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing notions (scissors, white thread, pins)
  • Needle
  • Iron
  • Press cloth
  • Tiara
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