How to Move Heavy Furniture from a Carpet to a Wood Floor

Updated February 21, 2017

Moving heavy, bulky objects from a carpeted floor to a wood floor can be a challenge if you do not have moving men to lend a hand. There are sliding tools available to make the task easier or you can improvise with materials found around the house. For professional movers or home stagers, investing in the commercial sliding tools are a good idea as the products will be used every day and will therefore be cost-effective to buy. For the occasional rearrangement of furniture by the homeowner seeking a new look or preparing for carpet cleaning, the improvised tools are fine.

Place a heavy duty plastic tarp under the back legs of the furniture to be moved. Unroll the tarp under the furniture until it reaches the front legs. Tip the furniture until all four legs are on the tarp. The weight of the furniture will keep it on the tarp as you use lateral force to move the furniture and tarp across the floor.

Slide the furniture along the carpet until you reach the wooden floor. Invert carpet samples or place oven gloves along the transition edge from the carpet to the wooden floor at the position of the furniture's legs. The carpet samples, because they are pile-side down, will not scratch the wooden floors.

Slide the furniture onto the carpet samples or oven gloves at the front legs and continue to move the furniture across the floor until the back legs meet the transition point between carpet and floor.

Slip inverted carpet samples or the remaining two oven gloves under the back legs of the furniture. Continue to slide the furniture until it is where you would like it on the wooden floor.

Place furniture sliders designed for carpet under each of the four legs of the furniture you wish to move.

Slide the furniture until it reaches the wooden floor.

Replace the carpet sliders with sliders designed for hardwood floors as the legs of the furniture reach the wood floors. Continue to slide the furniture until it is in its desired position on the wood floor.


Furniture sliders and heavy duty plastic tarps are available at your local hardware store or moving equipment rental outlet.


Bend your knees and lift with your legs when tilting heavy furniture. Work with a friend for ease and safety.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic tarp
  • 2 pairs of carpet samples or oven gloves
  • 2 sets of four carpet and floor furniture carpet slides
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