How to Reset the Computer on a Hyundai Santa Fe

Updated July 19, 2017

Resetting the computer on a Hyundai Santa Fe is simple. To reset the computer correctly, invest in a hand-held pocket scanner/code reader/code eraser tool. Since the OBD II (on-board diagnostics) were implemented in 1996, the price and availability of these handy devices has become accessible.

Locate the DLC (diagnostic-link connector) beneath the driver's side dashboard. It is shaped like a trapezoid. Refer to the code-reader plug to determine the size and shape of the connector. Plug the code-reader outlet into the DLC.

Turn the ignition key to the key on/engine-off position. This will be 2 clicks in the ignition.

Read the information on the code reader. Before resetting the code/computer, use the arrow function on the device to read the codes.

Write down the code number(s) and save this information. If the engine MIL (malfunction-indicator light, also known as the "check-engine light") illuminates again due to a DTC (diagnostic-trouble code,) rescan the computer with the code reader. If the codes match, a bigger repair may be necessary.

Move the arrow to the "erase" or "clear" option on the code reader and press the enter button. Follow the directions on the menu screen and erase the code. Unplug the code reader and start the engine. Check to see if the check-engine light went out.


Make sure to purchase a code reader with a code-erase option. Cheaper units may simply read the code. An inexpensive way to reset the computer on a Santa Fe is to disconnect the negative battery terminal for a few minutes. This option will not allow you to read the DTC that tripped the MIL. Disconnecting the battery terminal will also erase everything from preset radio stations to the clock.

Things You'll Need

  • OBD II code reader/code eraser
  • Metric hand-wrench set (optional)
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