How to make emoticons on Facebook

Written by chelsea day | 13/05/2017
How to make emoticons on Facebook
You can use emoticons on Facebook. (traffic light smiley image by Brent Walker from

Emoticons, also known as smiley faces, add interest and personality to otherwise plain text by invigorating your thoughts with easy-to-see emotion. Messages and notes on Facebook are more interesting with smiley faces. Emoticons can express happiness, amusement, anger, sadness, shock, mischievousness and even tears. Liven up your thoughts and communicate emotion with a few keystrokes. Engage readers with smiley faces, frowns or even a furled eyebrow. It's quick and easy to do.

Log in to Facebook and go to the chat feature. Select one of your friends available on chat.

Write a sentence in the chat window that will go well next to an emoticon. Any sentence that expresses emotion -- be it anger, sadness, happiness or shock -- can be accompanied by an emoticon.

Choose an emoticon that goes well with the sentence. For example:

Happy :)
Very happy =) Grinning :D
Cat smiling ^_^
Wink smile ;) Goofy smile 8)
Tongue sticking out :p
Smiling devil 3:)
Smiling angel 0:)
Angry >:(
Pouting X(
Shocked =0
Sceptical =/
Embarrassed =X
Devious smile >:)
Tear :'(
Frustrated X( Love <3

Insert two spaces after the period following the appropriate sentence, and then insert the emoticon. Here is an example of an emoticon in a sentence:

I've been really sick for about a week. :( The doctor says I have the flu.

Insert a nose, if desired, into any of the emoticons by inserting a dash between the eyes and the mouth, as shown in the emoticons below:

Happy :-) Very happy =-) Grinning :-D Wink smile ;-) Goofy smile 8-) Tongue sticking out :-p Smiling devil 3:-) Smiling angel 0:-) Angry >:-(
Pouting X-( Shocked =-0 Sceptical =-/
Embarrassed =X Devious smile >:-) Tear :'-( Frustrated X-(

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