How to throw a one-punch knockout

Written by kent ninomiya
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In order to throw a one-punch knockout you must first understand what makes a person fall unconscious. The human brain floats around in fluid inside the skull. When someone is hit in the head in a particular way, the brain slams against the sides of the skull violently. This traumatises the brain resulting in concussion and unconsciousness. To make this happen and throw a one-punch knockout, the head must be hit in a specific way.

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  1. 1

    Focus on the point of impact. In order to throw a one-punch knock out you need to strike an opponent on the chin, on the side of the jaw next to the ear, or on the temple next to the eye. Since you want the knockout in one punch, you need to be accurate.

  2. 2

    Consider the angle of the punch. In order to make the opponent's brain smash against the insides of his skull, you need to hit his head from an angle. This is ideally 45 to 60 degrees from centre. You want his head to whip around suddenly so his brain can't keep up. Aim your punch for the side of the chin, jaw, or temple.

  3. 3

    Work for a good angle. Since your one-punch knockout must arrive from the side, you need to throw a looping punch or throw a straight punch from an angle to your opponent. This requires you to move to set up your one-punch knockout. Throw a variety of jabs and other punches at your opponent to see how he reacts. Figure out the right combination that will allow an opening for your one-punch knockout.

  4. 4

    Pick your moment. Once you set up your opponent for the one-punch knockout, it is time to strike. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and launch your punch from your rear leg. Rotate your hips forward at the same time you extend your arm. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on your target. A one-punch knockout to the side of the chin can completely miss if you are just an inch off target.

  5. 5

    Impact the target with the knuckles of your index and middle fingers. These are the sturdiest bones in your hand. Follow through with your punch in the direction that you want your opponent's head to move. Remember, his head must whip around suddenly to knock him out.

Tips and warnings

  • Knocking someone out is extremely dangerous. It can cause serious injury, permanent damage and even death. Do not throw a one-punch knockout unless it is in self defence and lives are in danger, or it is performed on a trained fighter under controlled conditions.

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