How to hang a punching bag outside

belchonock/iStock/Getty Images

Many fighters prefer to hang a punch bag outside where there is more room to move around while striking. However, punch bags hung outside are exposed to the elements. This can lead to rust on the hanging chain that can cause the punch bag to fall. Take precautions to protect a punch bag when you hang it outside.

Find an appropriate place to hang your punch bag outside. It must have a solid support beam above and plenty of room around it for the bag to swing. The ground around the punch bag must be level and have good traction. The best place to hang a punch bag outside is beneath a covered patio where it will not get wet from rain.

Check the weight-bearing limit of the support beam where you want to hang the punch bag. Any large wood or steel support beam should be able to handle a 32 kg (70 lb) punch bag. Check your support beam and the weight of your punch bag on an online support beam calculator.

Determine the length of your hanging chain. Measure from the bottom of the support beam to the floor. Subtract the length of the punch bag, then subtract another 61 cm (24 inches). Most punch bags hang about 60 cm (2 feet) above the ground. Adjust this if you prefer the bag higher or lower. Multiply the result by 2.5. This is the length of your hanging chain.

Wrap the hanging chain around the support beam. The chain should go completely around the support beam at least once. Both ends of the chain should be an equal length as they hang down.

Connect the two ends of the chain with an S-hook. Both sides of the chain should be on the top part of the S. The bottom of the S-hook will hold up the punch bag. You can also use a sturdy carabiner that holds the chain and the punch bag inside a single hook.

Hang the punch bag from the bottom of the S-hook or carabiner. Do this by lifting the top punch bag above the hook, attaching the chain, then gently lowering the punch bag. It is advisable to get someone to help you with this step. One person can hold the punch bag up while the other attaches the chain.

Cover the chain with heavy-duty plastic or a small plastic sheet. Tie it around the S-hook or carabiner. This will protect the chain from outdoor moisture that could make it rust.