How to Remove the Motor Starter From a Discovery Series 11

Removing the starter from your Land Rover Discovery II may be necessary to repair or replace the starter. The starter is tucked up under the passenger’s side of the engine near the transmission bell housing and is a little hard to access because of the position of the engine cross-member. A replacement starter is available from your local Land Rover dealership as well as through specialised auto parts suppliers.

Open the bonnet of your Land Rover Discovery and locate the negative battery terminal. Remove the retaining bolt from the negative battery cable with a wrench then lift the cable off the terminal. Set the cable aside and isolate it from the battery.

Locate the wiring harness connections on the back of the starter solenoid and remove the retaining nuts with a wrench. Remove the wires and set them aside.

Locate the two starter mounting bolts on the starter nose. They are very hard to reach so use a long extension on your ratchet, then insert the socket and extension in front of the engine cross-member. Loosen the bolts with the ratchet, socket and extension, then lower the starter out of the engine compartment.

Remove the starter from under the Land Rover and discard or set it aside for reuse later.


Your Land Rover has enough ground clearance under it to access the starter without having to raise it on a jack. If you feel you need more room, you can use a jack and jack stands under the vehicle.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench set
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Extension bars
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