How to Set Up the Remote Control of a Bose 3 2 1 System

Updated April 17, 2017

The remote control for the Bose 3 2 1 Home Theater System will automatically control your Bose 3 2 1 media centre. Setting the Bose 3 2 1 remote for use with other components will allow you to eliminate additional remotes. It isn't difficult, but it will require some codes. Here's a look.

Install the batteries into the Bose remote. Slide off the cover on the lower back and insert batteries as shown by the terminal markings.

Turn on your component and 3 2 1 system.

Hold down the button for the component you're synchronising with on the remote (TV, CD-DVD, CBL-Sat, FM/AM, Aux) until the LED light on the top of the remote turns on.

Enter the code for your component. See in the link in Resources for the 3 2 1 manual from Bose. Codes are listed at the end of the manual, beginning on page A-1. When the correct code is entered, the LED light will turn off. Otherwise, the LED light will continue to blink. Try a different manufacturer's code.

Turn the component off with the Bose remote, then back on. Use the channel up/down button to switch channels or skip through options. If both functions work, the remote is ready for the component. If not, try additional codes.


Refer to your specific manual for possible instructions on searching for codes, if listed codes don't work (see link in Resources).

Things You'll Need

  • 2 AA batteries
  • Code for your Make/model
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