How to Make a Rope Ladder for a Tree House

Having your own tree house is a childhood dream. It is an escape from the walls of your parent's home and just a little place where you can be hidden away from normal life. Tree houses are places for treasures, for storytelling and for snacks. To keep them inaccessible from unwanted visitors, a good rope ladder can be constructed to be pulled up and hidden until needed. Making your own rope ladder is an art that most people have never learnt. If you are good with your hands, give these suggestions a try.

Lay out your rope on a flat surface. Fold it in half. The junction where the rope folds will be the top of the rope ladder. You can tie on a steel ring that can be fastened onto a hook or branch before you get started.

Take one side of the rope and lay down 12 inches. Turn it in at a right angle for 12 inches. Turn 180 degrees, back on itself for 12 inches. Do another 180 degrees back on itself so that it is now on the other side.

Take the other side of the rope and bring it down through the first loop of the fold. Bring it under the bottom section of rope of the fold. Pull it up, weaving it through the three strands. Turn it back down through the three strands, six times.

Pull the two sides of the rope tight so that the middle turns form a rang, before you go on to do the next section. Do this for as many rungs as you need, depending on how high your tree house is.

Drop the same section of rope you just worked with down 12 inches. Do the same three turn loop as you did in Step 2. Set the rope down. Pick up the other side of the rope. Weave it through the loops as you did in Step 3.

Pull the ropes tight and knot them together at the bottom so it cannot unravel.

Things You'll Need

  • Rope, (6 times distance from tree house to ground)
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