How to attach a belt buckle

Updated April 17, 2017

Belt buckles are a fun way to personalise your wardrobe and express yourself. Many belts come with removable belt buckles so you can exchange buckles. It's a simple task to change the buckle.

Make sure your belt is the type that can exchange buckles. It will likely have an end that folds over on itself with a set of snaps to open and close.

Make sure your buckle is the exchangeable type. The buckle should have a metal loop on the back into which you can slip the end of the belt.

Lay your belt and buckle next to each other. Turn the buckle around so it is facing you. Turn the belt over so that the bottom of the belt is facing you.

Unsnap the end of the belt and unfold the end of the belt.

Slide the end of the belt through the loop on the buckle. The buckle should lie between the sets of snaps.

Snap the end of the belt back into place. The buckle should be attached to the belt.

Things You'll Need

  • Belt with removable buckle
  • Exchangeable buckle
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