How to Make a Sofa Cover

Updated November 21, 2016

In this article you will learn to make your couch look like new by using inexpensive materials such as a bed sheet.You will also learn to match an old couch to your new decor by simply covering it with a matching or a contrasting piece of material. Even if you can't sew there are several ways to cover your couch and give it a new look.

You stand back and look at your couch. It just doesn't match the new decor you've just put in your room, or it looks old but you can't afford a new one. The first thing you have to do is decide how you want it to look. What kind of material do you want to cover it with? There are many inexpensive ways to cover your couch even if you don't know how to sew. You can use bed sheets, blankets or go buy a material with a texture and pattern you like. Do you want to cover the whole couch or just use a throw to give it a new look? Is the couch against a wall or do you need to cover the back too?

If the couch is against a wall, measure the length. To measure the height you will need to measure from the back of the top to the platform, then the size of the cushion and then to the floor. If you are using a bed sheet, buying a king size flat sheet will be the best. You can drape it over the back, tuck into the back of the cushion and let drape to the floor. If it is too long you can either tuck more into the cushion or cut it off at the floor and hem it. Make sure you leave enough at the bottom to turn up for the hem. Tuck in the sides along side of the end cushions and drape over the arm. You can do the same thing with a blanket to give it a heavier texture. Using bed sheets and blankets are great because they can easily be taken off and washed.

If you want to make it a little fancier, once you get your cover in place measure the inside and outside of the arms. Add on 24 inches. Lets assume that is 48 inches. Take four strips of matching material, 4 inches wide and 48 inches long. Fold in half and sew along the outside edge. Sew one end. Turn inside out. You can use Velcro or sew the strips in to the end of the arms behind the cushion and to the end of the arms in the back. Bring them forward and tie them into bows in the front of the arms. Now that looks nice.

If your need to cover the whole couch you can measure the same, just include the back. If it is too big for a bed sheet or blanket you will need to go buy your material. When draping the material over the back of the couch, turn up the end near the floor and use upholstery pins to hold it in place along the bottom. Then follow the same procedure as above. You can use upholstery pins in the front too if you want to give it a more uniform look.

Now, if you're just looking to bring the couch into your decor, try a blanket throw. If your decor is cats, then go find a blanket throw with cats on it and put it from the top to slightly over the cushions. Now you couch matches the rest of your decor. They make blanket throws in almost every category you can think of. It's fast and easy. Pick a colour from the throw and go get some pillows that colour and toss them on the couch. Quick and easy, you have a couch that looks like new.


Always add a couple of inches onto your measurements. It's always better to have too much material than not enough. If you know how to sew, making fancy pillows adds some splash to your couch.

Things You'll Need

  • Material to cover the couch (amount depends on size of couch.
  • Sewing machine (sometimes)
  • thread
  • scissors
  • sewing needle
  • upholstery pins
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