How to decorate a party with a pub atmosphere

Updated May 10, 2017

A pub has a fun and lively feel that provides the ideal party atmosphere. If you can't get to a pub for your next get together, bring the pub to you! With some planning and specific decorations you can create a pub right in your own home. So get the barrels, the pints and flags and start crafting a party atmosphere that will make your guests feel like they have travelled across the world in one fun-filled evening.

Choose a specific theme. Focus on creating an Irish pub atmosphere or an English pub atmosphere. While similar and possible to combine, going with only one theme can simplify planning and decoration.

Start with a cleared room. Whether it is the kitchen or a living room, remove all furniture except what is absolutely necessary or not movable.

Purchase or rent large wine or spirit barrels. Use these as a cocktail table for mingling guests, as tables by providing stools to sit on, or put two to three in a row and create a bar.

Use wooden picnic tables with benches to provide more seating for guests or to display food. Shiny, dark woods are typical of most pubs and will create a more authentic atmosphere.

Set pint glasses around the room as a decoration and for serving beer. Choose those with labels of Irish or British beers such as Guinness, Smithwicks, Strongbow, Bass or Newcastle.

Purchase ornamental Irish or British flags depending on your theme. If you can't find them, consider printing them out from the Internet, or making them yourself with material. Set small ones in the pint glasses, hang them on the walls or use a large replica as a table cloth.

Purchase vintage signs or posters that advertise Irish or English beers. Hang these on your walls or set them around the room for decoration. Consider brands like Guinness, Murphy's, Harp, Bass or Fuller's.


If you can't find or afford large barrels, choose ½ barrels to set around the room and use them as outdoor planters when the party is over. Many distilleries that use barrels sell these. A pub is as much about the relaxed atmosphere and people as it is about the decoration. Keep things simple so you can relax and enjoy your company. To make barrels more like tables consider setting a round glass or wood table top on them and covering it with a small table cloth.


If bringing barrels into your home and resting them on carpet, be sure to lay floor coverage to protect your flooring from any stain or residue.

Things You'll Need

  • Wine or spirit barrels
  • Wooden picnic tables
  • Pint glasses
  • Irish or British national flags
  • Irish or English beer signs or posters
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