How to Dismantle a Maglite

Updated February 21, 2017

Flashlights are an important tool to keep around the house in case of power outages and, of course, they're necessary for looking around in darkness. While out camping, a quality flashlight should be a part of your gear. Though lanterns and glow sticks are helpful tools to bring along, a good flashlight is easily portable and the beam can be focused in any direction you choose. Maglites are high-quality flashlights, preferred by law enforcement agencies, and relied on by professionals in numerous industries, according to Maglites R Us. All Maglites are designed the same, and their anatomy is practically universal with only a few subtle differences between models. You should learn your Maglite's anatomy in case you need to dismantle to replace any parts.

Unscrew the handle end-cap by twisting counterclockwise. If you have batteries in the Maglite, these will drop out once the bottom is unscrewed and removed.

Remove the battery connection point (the small cone-shaped spring) from the end-cap. This should easily pull off. After you remove the spring you will see the spare bulb. Pull out the bulb carefully, then pull out the plastic bulb protector.

Unscrew the bell-shaped Maglite head-piece. Hold the handle in place then twist off the head-piece by turning counterclockwise. You will see the exposed bulb at the end of the handle. Pull the bulb out carefully to remove it.

Separate the head-piece by twisting off the head end-cap counterclockwise. This will expose the plastic light cover and the bulb reflector, and you can pull them out to remove.


You can order replacement parts, or look up part numbers from the Maglite website.

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