My Casio Exilim Won't Turn On

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The Casio Exilim is a "point and shoot" type of digital camera. It is considered to be an entry-level camera for beginners. If your camera won't turn on, there may be several reasons why. Most of the reasons have to do with the battery. Casio digital cameras have a removable lithium ion rechargeable battery inside. It needs this battery to power on. Another important component is the memory card, which stores the photographs. A problem with either of these two items can cause the Casio Exilim to stop functioning.

Turn off the camera. Open the battery door of the Casio Exilim by sliding it to the side. Pull out the battery, which is approximately one inch by one inch in size.

Read the label on the battery to make sure it is the correct type for your camera. Consult your manual to find out the type of battery you need to use for your specific model.

Inspect the label to make sure you are inserting it properly into the camera. The arrows on the battery label should line up.

Reinsert the battery into the camera and remove the memory card, which is a small, postage-stamp sized card. The memory card is located next to the battery.

Read the label on the card to make sure it is the correct type for your model, and make sure you are inserting it correctly when you replace it inside the camera. The label of the card usually faces you with the writing going from left to right. Look for the portion of the card that has a "missing" corner. This side should be on the right when you insert it into the camera. Close the battery cover of the camera.

Plug in the AC adaptor to the camera and plug the other end into an outlet. Let the camera's battery charge for one hour and then unplug it. There should be a small, red light on the camera that lets you know it is charging.

Plug in the USB cable to the camera. Connect the other end into a computer's USB port.

Press the "Power" button on the camera. If it does not turn on, try connecting the USB cable into another port on the computer. Contact Casio Customer Service if the camera will not turn on after following these steps.

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