How to Become a Model for Forever 21

Updated March 23, 2017

Forever 21 is known for its affordable clothes and its fast-fashion model. The company has several fashion brands that include Forever 21, Heritage 1981 and Twelve by Twelve. Cheaper than designer brands, Forever 21 captures a target audience who are fashion conscious but with a budget. The company's models are styled in fashions similar to those on the pages of fashion magazines carrying luxury brands.

Study Forever 21 models to give you familiarity on poses and styles. The first part of becoming a model is to look like how the company wants you to look. You will have an idea of the company's style by researching their clothes and learning more about their array of products. As you survey pages of clothes on their website, think critically about what poses you can use with particular clothes to effectively demonstrate Forever 21's message to the audience. Observe how models look depending on the Forever 21 brand or collection they're wearing. Practice these poses on your own.

Create a Forever 21 portfolio. Gather up photographers, make-up and styling specialists and spend a couple of afternoons doing a photo shoot. Use clothes from any one of Forever 21's brands. This will help you learn more about how you look like on camera and any angles you need to work on. At the end of the photo shoot, enlarge your best photos to 8 1/2-by-11 inches (standard size for model portfolios) and compile six to 12 photos in a binder to create a portfolio that you will submit to an agency. Select pictures that show you portraying different characters to demonstrate your versatility. There is no typical picture that agencies look for; they only want to see your camera personality and how you're able to assume different looks and age ranges. This allows them to see that you can adapt to a variety of assignments.

Seek an agency to represent you. Forever 21 notes on their website that models looking to work for them need representation from a modelling agency. Select an agency who has had a previous relationship with Forever 21. Agencies like AIG Models, whose operations is based in Mississippi, have models like Anne Speckhart who have gone to model for the brand.

Actively mention to your agency that you want to work for Forever 21. Let them know of your interest in modelling for the company by showing them your portfolio in which you wear Forever 21 clothes.

Attend open casting calls. Most casting calls are open only to agencies, but there are few events that are open to the public. In 2004, Forever 21 had a casting call in New York that was hosted by fashion model Niki Taylor. These are opportunities for aspiring models to meet Forever 21 representatives and network with them to land a modelling job at Forever 21. The more people you meet, the greater are the chances that you will get connected to Forever 21. You will hear about casting calls through the agency, and having an agent will increase your chances of landing a project because she already has connections to the companies looking for models. This is why it's essential to work with an agent who has handled Forever 21 models before. Stay on top of industry news and events through blogs such as Confessions of a Casting Director (see the Resources section).

Model for other companies to gain experience. Sometimes, Forever 21 teams up with designers of smaller companies, such as Satine. Forever 21 launches new collections frequently and designers, and the models who work with them, are considered innovative, versatile and progressive.

Things You'll Need

  • Forever 21 apparel
  • Portfolio
  • Photographer
  • Stylist
  • Make-up artist
  • Modelling agency
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