How to Install Ink Cartridges In a Canon PIXMA MP210 Printer

Updated April 17, 2017

The Canon PIXMA MP210 photo printer is quick, quiet and it doesn't guzzle ink the way other colour printers do. Changing the ink cartridges is a snap so you won't lose precious productivity.

Open the printer cover and prop it up with the support brace located on the right-hand side of the cover. It's similar to the way a car bonnet is propped open.

Remove the black FINE ink cartridge from its container and locate the protective tape. Gently remove the protective tape used to cover the print head nozzles and electrical contacts.

Insert the black FINE ink cartridge into the printer slot labelled "B." It will rest on a slight angle. Push the cartridge up and back until it clicks into place.

Repeat the process for the colour FINE ink cartridge, placing it in the slot labelled "C."

Raise the printer cover slightly to loosen the support brace. Fold the brace inward and replace the cover to its closed position.

A green LED light will flash on top of the printer. In about a minute, the LED stops flashing and displays "1." Once the "1" appears, you're ready to print.

Things You'll Need

  • Canon PIXMA MP210 printer
  • One black FINE ink cartridge
  • One colour FINE ink cartridge
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