How to Make a Conference Call Using Talktalk

Updated February 21, 2017

TalkTalk is a UK based consumer telephone communications provider. Among other services, they provide conference calling for up to 20 participants per call, known as Talk Together. Participants may call from any mobile or land line in the UK. International calls are not available. The service is simple to use and costs 5p per minute from a land line. Mobile fees will be determined by your own calling plan. There is no set up fee for the service.

Visit the Talk Together website and click the "Set Up a Talk Together Call" button.

TalkTalk will assign you a PIN. Use the form to e-mail the PIN to the other call participants and add a personal message to let them know when the call is scheduled.

Call 0844 477 7777 at the specified time.

Enter the TalkTalk PIN to join the call. The first person to call starts the call and the last person to hang up ends the call.

Listen for a beep, which indicates that a new caller has joined the call.


Only 20 callers can be accommodated at a time. Any further callers will be notified that the call is full and turned away.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
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