How to Decide Whether You Should Get a Pixie Haircut

Written by leanne canirs | 13/05/2017
How to Decide Whether You Should Get a Pixie Haircut
Decide whether or not a pixie haircut would look good on you. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

The pixie hairstyle is a very short style of hair for women designed to enhance the facial features. In addition to looking great on many ladies, many people find short hair appealing due to its ease of washing and styling. Not everyone can pull off such a short cut, though. Before deciding on the pixie style, you should first consider your hair texture, facial shape, hair style and more.

Consider the thickness of your hair. Pixie hairstyles create the appearance of thicker hair with more volume. Because of this, the pixie cut looks best with thin hair, while thicker hair appears bulky and messy.

Consider your hair type. Pixie hairstyles look best on those who have naturally straight hair, though slightly wavy hair may also look decent. If you have thick hair, however, you may want to avoid this style unless you're willing to straighten your hair daily.

Consider your face type. Short hairstyles, such as the pixie cut, looks best with an oval or diamond-shaped face. Those who have a round face should stick with longer hair to look their best.

Consider the boyish appearance of a pixie cut. Not all girls can pull off this hairstyle, and still look feminine. If you already dress feminine, such as wearing make-up, earrings, dresses or fitted T-shirts, the pixie style may suit you well. If you're more of a tomboy who wears little make-up, baggy T-shirts and jeans, you may want to avoid short hair unless you're OK with the occasional gender mix-up.

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