How to make a man feel like a king

Updated July 20, 2017

Men, like women, have certain emotional and physical needs. Women tend to believe the primary thing on a man's mind is sex. Sex is very important to men, but it is not the most important thing. Men crave worship and want to be seen as the centre of their mate's life. Follow these tips to make your man feel like a king every day of the year.

Support him. Always back your man in front of family and friends and never allow anyone to say anything negative about him. Also, don't challenge him in front of other people.

Guard personal information. Keep your secrets to yourself and don't run to your friends or family every time something happens. Men feel very insecure when woman share intimate details about their relationship.

Encourage him. Men need to feel that they are successful in life. Support him when he has a new idea and lift him up when he feels like a failure. Tell him how proud you are of him on a regular basis.

Tell him how sexy he is. Just like women, men like to hear that they are attractive. Let him know that he is a good lover and that he is the only man for you. Tell him how much you love his eyes, biceps, legs--whatever you find irresistible about him.

Keep your appearance up. It's a known fact that men are attracted by sight. Wear sexy clothes for him on your date night. Surprise him with a new hairstyle that you know he would like. Be spontaneous and don't be afraid to try new looks.

Make love regularly. Men crave sex and intimacy for several reasons, namely physical pleasure and affirmation. The act of sex makes a man feel like the king of his castle. Try to have some sort of physical contact with your man at least once each day.


Saying "I love you" too often can become a routine and meaningless habit. Try to limit your use of the expression to those times when you really mean it. Don't become his mother. Harping, nagging and being critical will kill your man's spirit. Women have the power to help a man achieve new heights or fall to new lows.

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