How to attract a taurus man

Updated April 17, 2017

Possessing a charismatic power and a stubborn streak, the Taurus man would definitely be considered a catch by most women. So, how do you go about attracting the attention of a Taurus man?

Show him that you have stability. A Taurus man craves stability in his life. He will seek this characteristic in any woman he decides to date.

Show a little glamour. This is not to say that a Taurus man is superficial. But he is attracted to, well, attractive things. Show your feminine side and you're sure to get his attention.

Show your loyalty. The Taurus man will give his loyalty and expects yours in return. He will not forgive a betrayal.

Keep your promises. If you expect to hold the affections of a Taurus male, follow through on your promises. If you fail to do this, he will see you as unreliable and probably lose interest.

Give in to his way of thinking once in awhile. This is where that stubborn streak comes into play. The Taurus male likes things to go his way most of the time.

Be yourself. If your natural personality is not compatible with that of a Taurus male, neither one of you will be happy in the long run.


Most Taurus men view sex as healthy and natural. If you tend to view sex as a power trip or a mind game, don't expect to keep his attention for very long. Don't be afraid to be old-fashioned. Taurus males like to fill the role of male protector and provider.


Don't rush commitment. Taurus males like to take a slower approach to a committed relationship. If you try to rush him in this area, he's likely to go rushing in the opposite direction.

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