How to buy name brand clothes in bulk

There are several reasons why someone may want to buy brand name clothes in bulk. You may want to build your own wardrobe. You may want to sell clothing online. You may even want to open a retail store. Regardless of your reason to buy brand name clothes in bulk, here is how to go about it.

Selling top brands

Decide what brand name clothes you want to sell. You need to decide if you are looking for casual wear such as jeans and T-shirts, or if you are looking for high-end suits, dresses, and formal wear. Perhaps you are looking for a mixture of the two. If you are buying wholesale clothes for resale, you need to make your decision based on your location, and market.

Find a supplier for brand name bulk clothes. If you are reselling the brand name clothes, you can go to a market (Clothing Retailers Markets are located in major cities) with your business information and apply to be a vendor. This way you can purchase directly from the manufacturer, if you meet their criteria. You can also find a supplier for your brand name bulk clothes online by searching for “brand name bulk clothes”. The suppliers that you will find typically offer closeout deals at below wholesale prices.

Make sure the supplier for your brand name clothing is legitimate. You can expect market suppliers to be legitimate, but you should question vendors you find on the Internet and in person. Ask for references and even sample pieces to make sure the items are not counterfeit. Ask where the clothes come from. Legitimate clothing wholesalers get their clothes from catalogue retail and online stores through customer returns and overstocks.

One reliable sites for brand name clothes in bulk are which also offers household items, crafts, and just about any other item you can imagine. They use phone representatives to help you complete your order and answer any questions you may have.

Negotiate a deal for the brand name clothes you want to purchase. Just because a brand name clothing supplier has a set price and package limits does not mean you cannot negotiate a deal. If you don’t need the same red blouse in three different sizes in a pack of a dozen, tell them so. They may be able to arrange to better suit your needs. If the prices they set are too high it does not hurt to ask for a lower deal. If possible, have your deal made in writing, and make your purchase immediately with a receipt of the purchase sent to you so that you can check it against the actual delivery.

Arrange to have the clothing shipped to you. If you do not have a retail space and you have a large shipment coming, arrange to have the shipment sent to a rented warehouse location.


If you are buying brand name clothes in bulk for yourself and your family, you need to have plans to sell the extra items that you cannot use.


Be careful of buying brand name clothes from foreign vendors as they can be counterfeit.

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