How to stuff a balloon

Would there be reasons why someone would want to stuff a balloon? Consider the man who stuffed a diamond ring in the balloon and told his soon to be fiancé to hold her hands out. He popped the balloon and a ring fell into her hands. How about candy at a child’s birthday party; kids love that kind of game where they can pop a balloon and a bunch of candy falls out. Of course there are numerous other reasons for someone to stuff a balloon but just how do you stuff a balloon? Here we show you how to do just that.

Purchase balloons that are large enough to stuff. Nine inch balloons are the best size to stuff.

Take a balloon that is deflated and stretch open the top. Stretching it will expand it a bit. If you like you can even blow the balloon up and then deflate it. This will help stretch the balloon even more.

Take the item that you will be placing inside the balloon and begin to place the end of the balloon (the part that you place in your mouth when you blow the balloon up) over the item. It can be tricky depending upon the size of the object that you are stuffing the balloon with.

Blow the balloon up after you finish stuffing it. Your item that you stuffed inside the balloon will be free to float around.

Tie the balloon shut as you normally would when you tie a balloon. If the balloon is too big let some air out to make it easier to tie.


• Place the balloon on a stick to keep the balloon from touching the floor. • Tie a string around the balloon and hang from the ceiling.

Things You'll Need

  • 9" Balloons
  • Things to stuff in the balloons
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