How to Clean Cobwebs

If you have cobwebs, pay close attention. Removing cobwebs is easier than you think. Learn which cobweb duster is best and find a cobweb remover solution that works for you.

Use a microfiber cobweb duster on smooth surfaces to wipe away cobwebs. Some cobweb dusters work best wet and others are meant to be used dry. Read the manufacturer's instructions for the product you're using.

Try using your vacuum hose attachment as a cobweb remover for textured surfaces like acoustic ceilings or textures walls. Sometimes a cobweb duster can smear these surfaces.

Spray water from the garden hose with a variable pressure nozzle to remove cobwebs from exterior surfaces like windows, stucco, vinyl siding and shrubbery.

Suck the cobwebs from deep corners in the garage by using an indoor-outdoor vacuum.


Cobwebs extend 1-3 feet from the corner of a room. Be sure to remove hanging remnants of each cobweb so that they don't return as quickly.


Cobwebs are made by spiders. Guard against spider bites by avoiding contact with the webs.

Things You'll Need

  • Cobwebs
  • A cobweb duster
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