How to Buy a Pillow for a Side Sleeper

People who sleep on their sides have specific needs to support their head and properly align their neck and spine. The pillow can't be too full or too flat. Here's what to consider when you buy a pillow for the side sleeper in your life to provide maximum comfort.

Get a pillow created specifically for side sleepers, such as the Contourside Pillow by Relax The Back. This pillow design features cradling comfort for the face and jaw along with a shoulder cradle to relax, support and align the head, neck and shoulders to orthopedic correctness.

Give in to the infomercial and buy the Comma Pillow that you saw on TV for a side sleeper. Shaped just like a large comma roughly the length of a person's body, the comma pillow provides custom support to the head, shoulders, torso and hips to properly align and stabilize the body in the side sleeping position.

Buy an extra-firm support pillow designed for side sleepers. Side sleepers require a pillow with extra support to support their head and align their spine for proper alignment to prevent neck kinks. Wal-Mart offers an economical solution with their Extra-Firm-Density Side-Sleeper Pillow.

Increase head support and comfort with the 28-ounce extra firm support side sleeper pillow, available at Montgomery Ward. You won't lose any sleep over choosing value and comfort in one quality product.

Opt for the Tempur-Pedic Swedish Neck Pillow to give any side sleeper maximum comfort. These pillows cradle your neck at just the right angle while providing proper head support to better align your neck and spine for comfort all night long.

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