How to Buy a Pillow for a Stomach Sleeper

Not everyone sleeps on their stomach, but those that do have special needs. Too fluffy of a pillow will crook their neck in an uncomfortable sleeping position all night long, while a pillow without enough fluff will make it feel as though they sleep on concrete.

Take advantage of a 30-day money back guarantee and try the Better Sleep Pillow. This orthopedic pillow provides constant support with memory foam. Many people that sleep on their stomachs rest an arm under the pillow, which can cause arm pain, stiffness and numbness. This pillow helps alleviate this problem.

Get a light support pillow in either down or organic wool to support a stomach sleeper. Too much filling and support raises the head and neck up too much, creating a non-restful incline of the spine and neck area. Light support works best for stomach sleepers so the pillow sinks down to conform to the head while keeping the neck and spine in proper alignment.

Consider the Primaloft Stomach Sleeper pillow from Lands' End. This pillow has tapered sides to make sleeping on your stomach much more comfortable, and you can breathe easy with the hypoallergenic polyester fill.

Buy a multi-purpose, multi-position pillow if you're at a loss. An excellent choice is the Sleep Better Pillow with special arm tunnels, ideal for people who sleep on their stomachs, and it's made of memory foam for hours of undisturbed rest.

Choose the 20-ounce medium-support stomach sleeper pillow from Montgomery Ward. This bargain is sure to give any stomach sleeper many nights of comfort without losing any sleep over the price.

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