How to Dismantle Invacare Semi Hospital Beds

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Dismantling an Invacare Semi-Electric Hospital Bed requires some strength and dexterity. However, if you have prior experience and know which parts to take off and which buttons to press, you can complete this process on your own. If you work in a hospital or have an Invacare bed at your home, you can dismantle it when a patient no longer needs it.

Remove the mattress from the Invacare bed.

Press in on the bed's coupler by the lower end, and then move it in a counter-clockwise manner to secure it in place.

Pull the bed's head spring in the opposite direction of the frame. Remove the hooks on the lower part of the spring.

Press in the driveshaft of the bed and bring it out from below the frame.

Remove the bed's hitch pin. To locate this part, look on the bed's pull tube on the head spring.

Press the button on the bed in its adjustment hole and then press its tube in.

Hold the bedframe by its upper portion. Pull it up to detach the rivets of the bed's head springs. Repeat this process to detach the springs at the foot area.

Pull up the frame of your bed horizontally via its side. Fold it in at a 45-degree angle.

Open the bed's head spring at a 90-degree angle to allow it to stand erect.

Move the bed's foot and head springs away from each other. This causes the mounting latches at the centre to come off the rivets at the upper portion of the bed's foot springs.

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