How to Clean the Canon Pixma ip1000 Printer Waste Ink Absorber

The Canon Pixma ip1000 comes set up with ink ready to print. As you print, a bit of ink falls to the bottom of the printer. The pads and sponges that catch this ink constitutes the waste ink absorber, and when it fills up, the printer can no longer print. You will have to clean it or replace your printer.

Open the top of the Canon Pixma ip1000 and look inside.

Locate the waste ink absorber pads. These are at the bottom right inside your printer.

Put on the gloves. Now remove the waste ink absorber pads and holder from the printer by gently lifting them out. It feels like they snap out, so do not be afraid to tug gently to remove them.

Clean the waste ink absorber by soaking up the ink with a tissue or wipe. Set the waste ink absorber on some newspaper to avoid ink spills.

Go back to the Canon printer, and view the other waste ink absorber. This is also on the right-hand bottom in the back of the printer. This one has screws to remove and comes out with a plastic piece.

Wash the sponge with clear water. Allow it to dry completely. This may take at least a day. When it is completely dry, reassemble.

Replace the waste ink absorber pads and sponge. Connect the printer to the power source.


This is a complicated job. If you do not feel comfortable disassembling your Canon printer, take it in for service. Most electronics stores will clean your printer for a small service charge.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
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