How to Dress for a Funeral (Male)

Dressing for a funeral is different than dressing for any other occasion. You usually dress for yourself but at the funeral, you are dressing out of respect for the deceased and his family. Your outfit is a respectful representation of your grief. Follow these hints to dress for a funeral.

Decide whether to dress fancy or casual. Dress fancier if you are an immediate family member. Dress more casually if you are not a member of the grieving family.

Shower and shave so you look neat and clean. Put on a black suit and tie which is typical funeral attire. Wear dark dress pants if you do not own a full suit. Add a dress shirt and a tie. You want to look as respectful as possible. Wear dress shoes with nice socks to complete your look.

Dress according to age and modern style. Older men often wear white shirts with their suits. Younger men often wear black shirts with black pants. Remember to dress more formally than if you were just hanging out. You should be respectful.

Take into account the temperature and weather. Exchange your long sleeve shirt for a short sleeve shirt when it is hot. You can still wear a suit jacket. Wear a sweater with black pants in cold weather.

Stick to darker colors when dressing for a funeral. Leave the bright colors and wild patterns for celebrations.

Let your role in the community, your family traditions and your religious expectations help you decide what to wear.

Make sure to choose appropriate outer wear especially if you are attending the cemetery for the burial. Plan to wear a long black coat or a dark dress coat. Bring an umbrella if it's raining and wear boots if it's wet outside. Leave your hat in the car during the service.


Get your hair cut and shave. Wear what the person would expect you to wear and be yourself but remember you are mourning not dressing for a celebration.


Don't wear wrinkled, torn or dirty clothing. Don't wear running shoes or baseball caps.

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