Care & Feeding of a Privet Hedge

Privet Hedge at Night image by Gary Chorpenning from

Privet hedges are members of the Ligustrum species of plants that tolerate heavy pruning and grow rapidly. They are glossy-leaved, semi-evergreen shrubs that become covered in sprays of white flowers at summer's end. Maintaining a well-formed privet hedge requires attention to a few cultural details.

Landscape Placement

Grow privet hedges in full sun to partial shade. They thrive in most soil types.


Privet hedges are drought tolerant, but water once a month during spring and summer to encourage optimum growth.


The University of Florida recommends feeding privet hedges three times a year in early spring, summer and fall with a 15-5-10 or 15-5-15 fertiliser at a rate of 0.318 Kilogram per 100 square feet.


Privet is a vigorous grower that can reach 15 feet in height if not kept in check. Frequent severe pruning is necessary to maintain a hedge form.

Potential Pests

Pests that tend to attack privet are aphids, scales, whiteflies and spider mites. Check hedges regularly for infestations and apply the appropriate pesticide when necessary.