How to Use Different Types of Balloons for Balloon Modeling

When you start modeling balloon characters, it's important to start with the right materials. Balloons come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that will spark your creativity. While the most commonly used balloon is the 260, experiment with larger and smaller models, in addition to some exotic shapes.

Choose the 260 for most of your balloon needs. The 260 is 2 inches around and 60 inches long, just as the name implies. It is the golden staple for modeling most balloon characters.

Select the 160 for hard to maneuver places or to add accents to your balloon creations. The 160 is 1 inch in diameter and 60 inches long. It's slender size makes it ideal for most balloon animals.

Try the 350 for creating larger, one-of-a-kind pieces. At 3 inches wide and 50 inches long, it's a crowd-pleaser due to it's size and is often used as a base for larger sculptures.

Surprise everyone by modeling a balloon character from the 646. At 6 inches in diameter and 46 inches long, it's a challenge to work with but gets you dramatic results.

Embellish your art sculptures with heart-shaped balloons, flower-shaped balloons and donuts, which are particularly useful to connect sections together.


Properly store balloons in a box at room temperature, away from the sun's rays.

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