How to microwave bacon

Written by ehow contributor | 13/05/2017
How to microwave bacon
Microwave bacon to avoid all the mess. (bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images)

If you want to learn an easy way to cook bacon without all the mess, try the microwave. Preparing bacon in your microwave is a simple and mess-free alternative to pan frying or grilling. What follows are some simple cooking tips on nuking your rashers.

Choose your bacon according to nutrition, convenience or taste. Nutritious options include low-fat varieties, as well as low-salt brands. In addition, bacon comes smoked, unsmoked and microwave-ready varieties.

Begin by taking a microwave safe plate and lining it with a few sheets of paper towel. The towels will act like a sponge and keep the bacon fat from running all over and making a mess.

Arrange six rashers of bacon on the plate side by side. Make sure the strips do not overlap one another while cooking.

Cover the bacon slices with another paper towel to reduce the chance of grease splattering all over your microwave.

Microwave the bacon on high four to six minutes, checking them after approximately three minutes.

Rotate the plate of bacon -- about one-half turn -- after three minutes and resume microwaving to ensure even cooking.

Remove the bacon from the microwave and place it on a fresh plate and paper towel. Allow the bacon to cool for several minutes before eating.

Try using a microwave bacon tray. Such trays make microwaving even easier by draining the fat away from your bacon as it cooks.

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