How to Mount Cross Stitch Fabric

An easy way to limit costs for cross stitching is to do your own framing and mounting. Doing it yourself is easy and can look just as beautiful as if you went to the store and had it framed professionally.

Know the measurements of your cross stitch fabric.

Buy mounting board. There are two different types of mounting board in stores--padded and non-padded. If using a glass fronted frame use the non-padded board. Use padded if you want to give a fuller look to the completed piece.

Iron the cross stitch fabric.

Position the fabric so that it is centered on the mounting board. When comfortable that the fabric can be centered, place the fabric off to the side.

Take the paper off the mounting board to reveal the sticky side of the mounting board.

Place the fabric on the sticky side of the mounting board and carefully center it on the board. When it is to your liking, push the fabric down hard adhering it the board.

Trim off excess fabric and continue framing the newly mounted cross stitch fabric.


If looking for a cheaper way to mount cross stitch fabric use a piece of cardboard and spray adhesive. Cardboard can be found in all cross stitch packages.

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