How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Handbags

Knock-off and fake designer handbags abound these days, and it can be difficult to tell which bags are real and which aren't, especially when you're shopping online. If you'd like to save money on a Michael Kors handbag but don't want to end up overspending for a fake, here are some tips to help you spot the real thing.

Buy from the designer. Michael Kors has a website, and you can also find his handbags on finer department store websites. This is the best way to buy a designer bag, because you'll know for sure that it's authentic. If you're trying to save a buck, look for Michael Kors bags on sale and on clearance, and you'll save money without having to worry about authenticity.

Purchase Michael Kors bags from reputable dealers. If you're buying secondhand online or at auction, buy from dealers who sell at a fair price and check out their credentials before you buy. If they don't have a return policy or if the auction only lasts for a matter of hours, this is a good sign that it's illegitimate. Check customer reviews or get something in writing from the dealer authenticating the handbag and allowing you to return it if you find out it's a knockoff.

Inspect the bag thoroughly before you buy. This is hard to do on the Internet, which means that it's harder to spot a fake Michael Kors bag online. It is therefore discouraged if you have any question about the bag's validity. If you can hold it in your hands though, look for a heavier weight, flawless stitching, high-quality materials, lack of chemical smell and hardware that has the Michael Kors logo engraved into it.

Check it against the real thing if you can. The best way to buy a Michael Kors bag is to check it against a 100% authentic bag, and then any differences will become immediately obvious. This is largely impractical, but what you can do is take the bag to the boutique and have it inspected for authenticity.

Use common sense. If it looks to good to be true, it is. When it comes to a popular designer handbag, you're not going to be able to buy one for $20 unless it was recently mauled by a tiger. If you really want to invest in a Michael Kors bag, you're going to have to be willing to part with a decent chunk of change.

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