How to install a wood burning stove

Written by ehow contributor | 13/05/2017
How to install a wood burning stove
Wood burning stoves prevent the mess that open fires entail. (Irina_Barcari/iStock/Getty Images)

When you install a wood burning stove, safety is the most important concern. Keep in mind that you are essentially putting a furnace in your living room. The proper installation insures that the stove will provide your home with years of warmth and low heating bills.

Check with your insurance company before installing the wood burning stove. Some insurance companies will not cover the damages caused by the stove if it is not installed by a professional.

Choose a stove that is the right size for the space you have selected. It's best to have someone from a hearth shop come out to size the space and help you decide which stove suits your situation.

Hire a professional to install your wood burning stove. It isn't recommended to install a wood burning stove yourself. Although there are plenty of how-to manuals out there, a mistake in installation could cause many problems.

Install the stove and provide adequate clearance from any combustible surface. Consult the manufacturers recommendations to tind the proper clearance for your stove.

Keep your stove clean. Proper maintenance is very important to the life of your wood burning stove, and keeping it maintained prevents costly repairs. Every spring have the stove cleaned by a certified chimney sweep. Any buildup of creosote can eat away at the flue pipe as well as cause odour during the warm summer months.

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