How to make a Princess Leia costume

Updated February 21, 2017

The cult-like following of Star Wars' gutsy heroine, Princess Leia, has been a part of our culture for decades. It extends to Halloween, the one night each year when Leia fans can walk a few trick-or-treat miles in her clunky white boots. You can make your own Leia costume by following these easy steps.

Master the Princess Leia locks. The most essential part of a Leia costume is the cinnamon-bun style hair. For long locks, part hair straight down the middle and twist both sides until they are in tight rolls. Take each roll and twist it in a swirl close to the head. Fasten with a clip. For shorter hair, borrow a longhaired wig, or fasten dark-colored scarves in the cinnamon-bun style on both sides of your head.

Decide on material. Leia wore a white, robe-like material with a high neck and flowing sleeves. The easiest way to copy this is to use a plain white gown or bath robe. You also can purchase any kind of white fabric or cut a white bedsheet.

Add a hood. To match Leia's hooded white gown, use a bathrobe with a hood or pin a white pillowcase to the back of your gown. Fold the pillowcase (or other white fabric) in a triangle shape and pin two ends to the back shoulder area of the gown.

Fasten your costume with a belt. A white belt with silver pieces that sits just about the waist is another Princess Leia essential. If you don't have a silver and white belt, a black belt will work. You also can make a belt out of a white towel, t-shirt or bedsheet and attach some silver jewelry onto it. Space each piece a few inches apart.

Put on your biggest, clunkiest white boots. Black boots will also work.

Accessorize with a black blaster. Leia carried both a small blaster (similar to a gun) and a larger stormtrooper blaster. The blasters are plain and easy to imitate. Any black metal or plastic item that remotely resembles a gun will suffice.


The Princess Leia costume traditionally has a high white neck on the gown. The cheapest way to achieve this look is to wear a white turtleneck under your gown or robe. Search the Internet for accurate portrayals of Princess Leia costumes and online retailers that have the costumes for sale.

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