How to Send a Hen Party Free Ecard

It's time to get the girls together for one last night of freedom. With the busy schedule of the wedding and the bride-to-be, it would be easier and more affordable to send an ecard to celebrate the fun hen party. Also, most people will be able to take a few seconds to reply to an email, than if they had to mail an RSVP card.

Speak with the bride-to-be and find out who she would like to invite to her hen party. Have her get all of her guest email addresses so that you can email them an ecard invitation. Write down the names of all the guests in a notebook.

Search for a free email website. Try websites such as yahoo mail or hotmail. You can personalize the bride's return email address to something simple such as hen night or hen party so that it will be easy to remember.

Find the ecard that appeals to you and the bride by browsing the available categories on the ecard website.

Click on the egreeting of your choice. Click on the button that says "personalize." You can then create the greeting card by filling out the "greeting area." In the greeting area, include details about the hen party such as where, when, and who to RSVP.

In the "To: " field, type in all of the guest's email addresses.

Type your personalized email address into the "from" field.

Choose which date that you would like to send the bride's hen party invitation. You can choose to send it that very day or at another date. Click the "send button."


So that the bride's friends can contact her about the party, make sure that you include the personalized email addresses so that it will be easy for them to RSVP. When one of the guest RSVP's, place a check mark next to their name in the notebook. The bride will then know who all will be coming to her hen party. Allow enough time in between sending the ecards and the actual party details, so that guests can plan accordingly.


Make sure that everybody's email address is correct. Sending an email to an incorrect email address will send an error message.

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