How to Know If a Guy Likes You

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me! It would be so nice if guys were as easy to read as plucking petals off a daisy. Searching for a relationship with Mr. Right is not always that easy. There are, however, a few telltale signs that guys give if they like you. Follow these steps to see if you should pursue your current love interest.

Take notice of how many times he looks at you. Do you catch his eye every time you glance at him? If he is looking at you frequently and flashes his pearly whites when you look at him, there is definitely some interest on his part. A quick turn of his head when you've caught him looking at you is also a good sign.

Check with your friends. Guys often take a greater interest in a girl's friends as a way to get closer to her. Find out if he is asking about you when you are not around. Sometimes guys are too shy to express their interest in you, so they will go about it in a roundabout way.

Don't be offended if he is teasing or making fun of you. Guys are funny this way. Sometimes they do not know how to express themselves to their love interest, so they go about it by making up silly nicknames or teasing. Some guys will make fun of their friends in front of their crush to appear funny.

Take a step into a guy's personal space. If he likes you, he will welcome this closeness with you. If he backs away, this is a definite sign that he is not interested in a relationship with you.

Ask him out on a date. If he accepts, you'll know he is interested. If a guy rejects a date without a good reason, he is probably not seeking a relationship with you.

Think back on conversations you have had with him. Does he remember the little things that you said? Guys remember little insignificant pieces of conversations when they like you. They are letting you know that they are interested in everything about you. This is a good sign of his desire to have a relationship with you.

Ask him. If all else fails, let him know your feelings. After you have shared yours, ask him how he feels about you. Try not to act outwardly hurt if his feelings are not the same as yours; after all, you asked him. This is a great way to get hesitant guys to share their feelings and open up.


Check him out. Take time to smile back at him if he is looking your way.


Never stalk a guy that you like. It is just creepy and will turn him off. Be careful about coming on too strong.

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