How to Become a Contestant on a TV Game Show

One of the longest-lived traditions on television is the game show. Game shows pit everyday people against puzzles, questions or chance in the hopes of winning cash and prizes. While many viewers are content to watch a TV game show from the comfort of their homes, some viewers yearn to become a contestant. There are a few ways to put your name for consideration on a TV game show.

Gain an overview of the application and audition process for a variety of shows. Some TV game shows require elaborate application materials, while others simply require patience and the ability to stand in long lines. The Game Show Network website features a number of game shows that are representative of the application process (see Resources below).

Watch your favorite TV game show through the end credits to learn about contestant applications. Game shows typically point viewers to a website or postal address where they can inquire about casting.

Locate the studio or network website of the TV game show you want to attend. These sites often have updated information on taping schedules, what to wear to the taping and other important notices.

Show your creativity and unique personality on TV game show applications. Game shows that require a video from the applicant are looking for compelling characters to put on the air.

Apply to become a TV game show contestant with friends and family. Some game shows have a special episodes where relatives or best friends can compete together. Other game shows require teamwork on a regular basis, making a close relationship beneficial.

Check your application materials to make sure every area is completed. Incomplete applications are often discarded because producers are looking to narrow their applicant field in any way possible.


Appreciate the slim odds of becoming a contestant on a TV game show. Game show producers receive thousands of applications for a select number of positions. Even if you have auditioned for a TV game show, there is no guarantee of making it on TV that season.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet capability
  • Vacation days to attend auditions, tapings and other events
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