How to replace the inside of Uggs

Updated June 19, 2018

Uggs are unisex boots made from rare twin-faced sheepskin leather. Originally intended to be worn without socks as slippers, their fleecy lining wicks away sweat and allows air to circulate, keeping the feet at body temperature. According to manufacturer Whooga, Ugg boots are comparatively expensive and easy to destroy. The insoles and lining are particularly susceptible to wear and tear. If your boots become damaged in this way, you may be able to repair them.

Check whether your Ugg boots have replaceable insoles as not every brand does. Do this by removing the current insoles. Reach inside your Ugg boots and lift the insole away, peeling from the heel of the boot. Discard.

Order a new pair of insoles from the manufacturer's website (see Resources), or purchase a pair from a local shoe repair shop. Double check the brand and model of your Ugg boots to ensure you purchase the right insole. Costs will vary, depending on whether you chose specialist lambskin, wool or synthetic inners.

Place the new insole carefully inside each boot. Push it down so it lays flat. Wear the boots and reposition the insoles if they are uncomfortable.

Take Ugg boots with fixed insoles or those showing more extensive damage to the lining to a shoe repair shop. Look in the phone book under "shoe repair" or online. The cost will depend on the nature of the damage. The shop will be able to give you a quote.


Use a sharp object such as a knife to lift insoles away from the boot.


Beware synthetic insoles. They are cheaper, but do not allow air to circulate about the feet, leading to odour.

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