How to decorate for a Tiffany and Co birthday party

Bring out your inner Jay Gatsby or Daisy Fay with a Tiffany and Co themed birthday party. Evoke the jazz age glamour and art deco elegance of this legendary New York City jewellers, established in 1837, with decorations recalling their iconic "Tiffany Blue Box" tied with a white satin ribbon, their sterling silver jewellery, their exquisite diamonds and their lustrous pearls. You and your guests will be dazzled by an unforgettably decadent and stylish celebration worthy of "The Great Gatsby."

Issue invitations to each of your guests reflecting the Tiffany and Co theme of your birthday party. Choose good quality, "Tiffany Blue" turquoise invitation cards and matching envelopes. Handwrite your invitations and address the envelopes in black fountain pen. Sprinkle a small amount of metallic silver confetti, crystal and pearl beads inside every envelope before you seal each one.

Prepare your birthday party venue with Tiffany and Co themed decorations. Place turquoise helium balloons tied with white curling ribbon around the room. Evoke their sterling silver jewellery, exquisite diamonds and lustrous pearls with silver paper chains and silver, crystal and pearl baubles or garlands. Make your own giant "Tiffany Blue Box" display by grouping together cardboard packing cases wrapped in turquoise wrapping paper and tied with extra-wide, white satin bows.

Evoke an atmosphere of Tiffany jazz age glamour by dressing the part in a flapper dress for women or a pinstripe suit for men. Play jazz dance music from the "Roaring twenties" such as the Charleston and the Black Bottom. Welcome your guests with a glass of champagne served in coupes, as opposed to flutes. Serve them a slice of Tiffany and Co themed birthday cake, such as a "Tiffany Blue Box" square sponge cake tied with a white satin bow.

Send them off with a Tiffany and Co themed party favour, such as some silver sugared almonds presented in a "Tiffany Blue" turquoise gift box tied with a white satin ribbon for the female guests and a silver gift box tied with a "Tiffany Blue" turquoise satin ribbon for the male guests.


If you want your guests to dress the part, don't forget to specify Tiffany jazz age glamour as the dress code when you handwrite your invitations.


Champagne served in coupes goes flat much faster than champagne served in flutes, but sweet champagne fares somewhat better in coupes than brut.

Things You'll Need

  • "Tiffany Blue" turquoise invitation cards and matching envelopes
  • Fountain pen
  • Black ink
  • Metallic silver confetti
  • Crystal beads
  • Pearl beads
  • "Tiffany Blue" turquoise helium balloons
  • White curling ribbon
  • Silver paper chains
  • Silver, crystal and pearl garlands
  • Silver, crystal and pearl baubles
  • Cardboard packing cases
  • "Tiffany Blue" turquoise wrapping paper
  • Extra-wide, white satin ribbon
  • Jazz Age fancy dress costume, e.g. flapper dress, pinstripe suit
  • "Roaring Twenties" jazz dance music, including the Charleston and the Black Bottom
  • Champagne
  • Champagne coupes
  • "Tiffany Blue Box" birthday cake
  • Silver sugared almonds
  • "Tiffany Blue" turquoise gift boxes
  • White satin ribbon
  • Silver gift boxes
  • "Tiffany Blue" turquoise satin ribbon
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