How to create a Prince Eric costume

Prince Eric is the hero of Disney's "The Little Mermaid." After seeing him on board a ship celebrating his birthday, Ariel falls deeply in love with Eric, causing her to make a deal with the villainous Ursula to be transformed into a human so she can win his love. Dashing, handsome and adventurous, Prince Eric has two days to realise she's the girl of his dreams. But true love never comes easy, and Eric has to fight off Ursula before he can have his 'Happy Ever After.'

Wear a white shirt. Roll up the sleeves to your elbows and leave the top few buttons undone so your chest is on show.

Wear loose blue trousers. Jeans would do, but loose jogging bottoms would be more authentic.

Tie a red sash around your waist. Use a scarf or a piece of red material. If you have nothing suitable, you could buy a piece of fabric, or recycle an old piece of clothing you no longer wear.

Wear knee-high black boots. If you don't have any and prefer not to buy a pair for the occasion, wear knee high black socks as an alternative and pair with black shoes. Fold up the jogging bottoms so they sit just over the top of the boots. Try to keep the material spread out so you get a neat, flatter edge, rather than a bunched up roll. Have a look at pictures of Prince Eric to help get the perfect look.

Apply a little hair gel, mousse or other product to keep your hair in place. Part it on the right hand side, and sweep your hair over to the left if you have enough.


Partner up with an Ariel for a really impressive costume.

Things You'll Need

  • White shirt
  • Blue jogging bottoms
  • Red sash
  • Black boots
  • Hair gel
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