How to dress like a member of The Horrors band

Brit band The Horrors hail from Southend-on-Sea, and were nominated for a Mercury Music Prize for their 2009 album, Primary Colours. Billed as an alternative rock, post punk outfit, their fashion style is a typically British looking mixture. It channels looks from the 1980s mod rock revival as well as classic rock styles, with all the modern media polish of emo style digital video. It is easy to dress like a member of the band, with a few simple basics, some crafty accessorising, and a lot of attitude.


Find some slim fitting trousers. These are widely available on the high street but don’t get anything too stretchy or the look will be too 1980s.

Team the trousers with a simple shirt, or even a polo shirt. These should be close fitting but not tailored.

Find a simple jacket, such as a straight cut denim jacket in dark blue or a pale colour. Second hand shops often have washed out vintage jackets, from the early ‘80s or Britpop ‘90s, that provide this simple silhouette.

Grow your hair to jaw length, part it to one side and ideally get some shaggy layers cut.

Accessorise the look with a pair of simple dark shades, especially if your fringe has not yet grown long enough to cover your eyes.

Video look

Get some tight fitting black trousers in dyed denim or even leather.

Find a black leather belt with a distinctive, silver coloured, squared buckle. You can often buy belts in second hand shops because these clean lines and chunky buckles have had many moments of popularity since the 1980s. Polish the buckle so it looks really new and shiny. Despite being heavy on the black leather, the look is clean like pop, not grungy.

Add a matching leather jacket in a close fitting style, which could be a slim fitting biker style or a blazer. Underneath this, wear a fitted black shirt and waistcoat. If you prefer something really striking for that Faris Badwan lead singer look, try a white blazer.

Accessorise with silver or monochrome accessories, and just a little black pencil liner smeared along the bottom of eyes. This should just add a little definition, rather than being too heavy. You could colour your hair a matte black for a really stagey rock star look. Accessories could even be very slightly dandy, with scarves and neckties. Close fitting, short jackets stop this from being too gothic.


Although this is a very rock star look, work on creating a sense of subdued British cool, with slim rather than tight fitting outfits. This stops any black leather looking too much like a 1980s soft rock band. Clothing should be tidy and simple, reminiscent of post punk pop, with the occasional mod accent.


Try a spray in or semi-permanent hair colour rather than black hair dye, if you are unsure of the look. Do not smile or you will ruin your cool and look more dressed up than rock star.

Things You'll Need

  • Slim fit trousers
  • Fitted shirt
  • Straight cut jacket
  • Dark shades (optional)
  • Tight black jeans
  • Black leather belt
  • Slim black leather jacket or blazer
  • Fitted black shirt
  • Black waistcoat
  • Black pencil eyeliner
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