How to make costumes of the Seven Dwarfs

Updated July 20, 2017

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go. If you're looking for a great idea for a group costume, clothes for Snow White's seven little companions are easy to put together and fun to wear. The costumes are styled to reflect the quirks of each dwarf's individual character, so you and your friends can reinvent yourselves simply by choosing different accessories and colours. Just make sure you coordinate; you don't want three Dopeys and no Doc. Additional members of your group can add to the fun by dressing as Snow White, Prince Charming or the wicked witch.


Create a cute Dopey that everyone will love. Pull on a pair of long brown leggings. Use black footballer's socks over the top but don't pull them all the way up. Leave half of the sock foot flapping about, Dopey-style.

Put on a T-shirt with a very loose turtle neck. Wrap an over-sized full-length green or purple bathrobe over the top of the leggings and T-shirt. Let the sleeves flap over your hands.

Secure the bathrobe with a wide black belt. Pull the robe out over the belt so that it looks baggy. Cut large buttons out of half-inch foam and attach down the front of the bathrobe with safety pins.

Pull a purple knitted slouch hat down over your ears. Cut a pair of Dopey ears out of half-inch sponge and attach them to each side of the hat with safety pins. Flop the end of the hat over one of the ears. Carry a twig broom.

Dopey's friends

Use bright blue leggings and a baggy orange T-shirt for Happy. Stuff a cushion underneath to create his portly shape. Cut bushy eyebrows and a short beard out of synthetic fur. Complete his look with thick brown socks, a black belt and yellow knitted slouch hat. Oh, and a happy smile.

Make a long white beard for Bashful and paint blusher in big circles on your cheeks. Use a big yellow T-shirt this time, with brown leggings and socks. Finish with the same black belt and a slouchy hat in green and carry a bunch of artificial daisies.

Create an authentic Sleepy dwarf by carrying a pillow or blanket. Like Bashful, he has a long beard, worn under the chin. Use a blue slouchy hat and light brown T-shirt over darker brown leggings and beige socks. Complete with the black belt.

Find a pair of round wire glasses for Doc and wear them low on your nose. Roll up the sleeves of a bright red T-shirt and wear it with your black belt over brown leggings and socks. Doc's beard is just a strip from ear to ear under his chin. Top his costume off with a yellow or orange hat.

Find a longer dark red T-shirt or bathrobe for Grumpy. All other accessories should be in shades of brown. Wear a red clown's nose and hook a long beard from ear to ear. Carry a toy mallet and don't forget your best Grumpy expression.

Transform yourself into Sneezy by carrying a large white handkerchief and rubbing blusher over your nose to make it red. Cut three large buttons out of half-inch foam and attach them to the front of a large pale brown T-shirt. Use brown leggings, blue socks, a yellow hat and a medium length white beard.


Add further accessories like toy pickaxes, lanterns or shovels. Don't worry about getting the colours absolutely right. The accessories are more important. Use hemming tape to apply elbow patches in a contrasting colour fabric. Put socks on over shoes if you will be outside.


Always use safety pins to attach accessories. Only use eyelash or facial glue to put eyebrows or beards on your face. Take care not to fall over your flapping socks.

Things You'll Need

  • plain leggings or pyjama bottoms
  • plain football or long socks
  • bathrobes or baggy T-shirts in single colours
  • wide belts in dark colours
  • half-inch depth foam
  • safety pins
  • plain knitted slouch hats
  • synthetic craft fur
  • red blusher
  • round wire glasses
  • red clown's nose
  • accessories as outlined below
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