Why Wouldn't a Panasonic Viera Link Work?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Panasonic Viera Link simultaneously controls components connected to the TV with the remote control. The number of devices that can be controlled by Viera Link corresponds with the number of HDMI terminals available on the back of the TV.


In order for a device to function with Viera Link, it must be connected by an HDMI cable to the TV and equipped with "HDAVI Control." Only devices connected by HDMI cables are controlled by Viera Link.


The Viera Link function must be enabled before its components can be controlled by the remote. Push the "Menu" button on the remote control to display the main menu. Use the navigation buttons to select "Setup," "Viera Link Settings" and "Viera Link." Use the navigation buttons to set Viera Link to "On."


Push either the "Viera Link" button or "Viera Tools" button on the remote control to access the Viera Link controls. The Viera Link controls appear on the screen. Use the navigation buttons to select a component, such as "Recorder," "Camcorder," "Player" or "Home Theater."


If the buttons on the remote control won't operate the component you desire, access the Viera Links menu and select the correct component. Push the buttons on the remote control to send commands to the selected Viera Link component. For instance, if "Player" is selected, push "Play" to start playing a DVD through the HDMI-connected DVD player.

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