Gaggia Classic Problems

Written by whitney houston | 13/05/2017

The Gaggia Classic coffee and espresso maker produces cappuccinos and lattes, and is suitable for the office and home kitchens. After the Gaggia is set up, you might experience problems with coffee flow or loud pumps.

Coffee Doesn't Flow

If coffee does not flow through the machine, remove the filter basket from the Gaggia and inspect it for clogs. If the coffee is too fine or is pressed into the basket too firmly, the coffee clogs the filter, and water is unable to pass through the coffee. Grind the coffee to a coarser grain or pack the coffee more loosely into the basket.

Coffee Flows Too Fast

If the coffee flows through the machine too quickly and the coffee isn't as strong as it you'd like it, grind the coffee to a finer grain or pack the grain into the basket more firmly.

Pump Is Loud

If the Gaggia pump is making more noise than usual, check the tank to ensure it is filled with water. An empty tank causes the pump to work too hard, which will in turn damage the pump. If the coffee is ground too coarsely, the pump is louder than normal. Make sure the coffee is ground to the correct grain size.

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