The Specs for a Mack E7 427 Engine

Updated April 17, 2017

The Mack E7 427 is a high-torque Econodyne diesel engine with a V-MAC III total-vehicle electronics system. It is most often used to move large loads over long distances.


This engine can generate up to 427 horsepower, according to It has a torque of 662kg.-feet. This engine's bore and stroke come in at 4.875 by 6.5 inches.


The 427 engine comes with a Borg Warner S300 turbocharger. It uses a Bosch PLD 20 unit pump and 22mm Bosch VCO injection nozzles. It has a full-pressure wet sump lubrication system and a Meritor WABCO air compressor.


The V-MAC III electronic control system can be used for electronic fuel or timing control according to It has a full cruise control system built in and can run accessory relay control. Security controls such as an engine sleep mode and an alarm can be programmed with the V-MAC III, as well.

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