Required Safety Labeling on Diesel Fuel Tanks

Written by ronnie daniels | 13/05/2017
Required Safety Labeling on Diesel Fuel Tanks
Warning labels and signs identify diesel as flammable. (old diesel tank image by Charles Taylor from

The law requires specific labels on tanks, pumps and cans that hold diesel fuel. Safety label warn that the fuel is flammable and other labels identify the type of diesel inside the container.

NFPA Diamond

The National Fire Protection Association label is diamond shaped and shows danger levels with colours and numbers. The colours red, blue, yellow and white represent the type of hazard, and the number inside each section represents the severity of the hazard.

Flammable Sign

Diesel tanks carry a sign that reads "Danger, Flammable Storage." According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, this sign is also posted on diesel tanker trucks.

Sulphur Content

Tanks and pumps for dispensing diesel must have labels that indicate the sulphur content of the diesel fuel. According to the Minnesota Fuel Marketers Association, diesel fuel for vehicles made after 2007 must carry a sulphur content label.

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